we are family

La “famiglia” secondo Intesomale.


Siccome dopo girano strane voci sul mio conto, preciso che è una biografia non autorizzata. Infatti, riporta informazioni palesemente fasulle.
Intanto, il sottoscritto non nacque a Goettingen.
In secondo luogo, preciso che con Rosa Luxemburg siamo rimasti buoni amici. Lei all’epoca frequentava già Karl Liebknecht e mi pareva inopportuno rovinare la loro liaison. Nego fermamente che tutto ciò si da attribuirsi a divergenze ideologiche.

Visto che ci siamo, ne approfitto anche per indirizzarvi a RADIODISCUTIBILE #1.
Stay tuned per un pò di buona musica.

It was 1970, Biafra capitulates ending Nigerian Civil War, Rhodesia declares indipendence, U.S. invade Cambodia, the first New York Marathon was held, Jimi Hendrix dies in London, Sadat becomes president of Egypt and the Apollo 13 never made it to the Moon.
And there he was,
Cat Stevens with his “Where do the children play? (‘Tea for the Tillerman’).
And there they were, Crosby Still Nash & Young with their “Carry on(‘Déjà vu’).

It was 1974, Alì knockes out Foreman in Kinshasa, the Terracotta Army is discovered in China, Derg deposes emperor Haile Selassie, and the Carnation Revolution restores democracy in Portugal.
And there
they were, America with their “Tin Man(‘Holiday’).
And there he was, Bod Bylan with his “Forever young (‘Planet Waves’).

It was 1975, Khmer Rouges took control of Phnom Penh, Keith Jarret plays “The Koeln Concert”, Bobby Fisher refuses to play against Karpov and Mozambique gains indipendence.
And there they were,
Pink Floyd with their “Wish you were here(‘Wish you were here’).

It was 1976, Israeli Army frees hijacked plane in Entebbe Airport, Apple Computer Company is founded, so did the Socialst Republic of Vietnam and Argentinian Armed Forces take power.
And there he was, Bob Dylan with his “Mozambique(‘Desire’).

It was 1977, Andreas Baader and Gudrun Ensslin were senteced to life imprisonment, ‘Star Wars’ appears in cinema and Spain holds its first democratic election.
And there they were
, Television with their “Guiding Light (‘Marquee Moon’).
And there they were, Thin Lizzy with their “Dancing in the Moonlight(‘Bad Reputation’).
Also for the ’70, the Rolling Stones Winter(‘Goat Head Soup’) and Steppenwolf For Ladies only(‘For Ladies only’).

It was 1980, U.S. boycott Moscow Olympics, a bomb kills 85 people in the Bologna train station, the ‘Gang of Four’ trial in China begins.
And there they were,
Dire Straits with their “Tunnel of love(‘Making Movies’).
And there they were, Roxy Music with their “Oh yeah (‘Flesh & Blood’).

It was 1986, space shuttle ‘Challenger’ disintegrates immediately after lauch, the European Single Act is signed, the Chernobyl nuclear reactor explodes and Desmond Tutu becomes the first black bishop in South Africa.
And there he was,
Paul Simon with his “You can call me Al(‘Graceland’).
Also for the ’80, U2 with “A sort of Homecoming(‘The unforgettable fire’) and Bruce Springsteen with “Dancing in the dark(‘Born in the USA’).

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